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Welcome to the personal web space of Stuart & Darryl

When we first started our web site it was mainly because of our gallery but we've also added a few other items of possibly general interest,Our Spanish House but as to whether they are or not is up to you!

Our Gallery is mainly aimed at our friends and family so they can see what we have been up to but, even if you don't fall into that category, you're welcome to have a look around.

We update the site on a very loose schedule. Normally, when we sit down to do any work on web pages, it's usually on the pages we're being paid to do and not on these …… and those will be for magentasteel.com, our web design company. But we do try !

As you will see if you look at our Gallery, we bought a house in Spain in 2007. Our Spanish HouseWe go over there as often as possible and, though it wasn't in too bad a state when we bought it, we've made quite a few changes to it. And there are still a few more to do but it is now in a state fit for accepting visitors and we've welcomed quite a few family and friends to stay with us already. We don't rent it out when we aren't there; it's our home not a holiday villa.

Our attempts at learning Spanish lurch from poor to poorer but, bit by bit, we are getting more comfortable with being able to cope with situations there. We may not express ourselves very well or very accurately, but we do usually manage to at least make ourselves understood. And we are finding fewer and fewer situations where we just have to give up or phone a friend!

What's New (latest update: 22 March 2016)

March 2016:

Cologne Dom and Old TownOur return to Spain this Spring involved an 8 day mini-tour of Germany, France and Switzerland

Though the Swiss part was rather brief for reasons you will see if you check out the photos in the Gallery


Dec 2015/Jan 2016:

The Three KingsChristmas and New Year in the sunshine of Spain. Nothing more need be said!

But, of course, there are the photos we've taken and a couple of videos of a great time in our house and, over New Year, in Granada. You'll find them all in the Gallery


Jul 2015:

The Drive in SpainThe final piece of the jigsaw which was the renovations of our house in Spain took place this month - the new drive, mainly concrete but with a hint of cobbles, was laid. There are always going to be jobs to do but we are pleased that the last of the major construction projects has now been completed.

You'll find the pictures in the Gallery


Oct 2014:

October 2014 and an Airkix BodyflightA lifetime ambition fulfilled - or as near as I can. Free-fall skydiving and all just a few feet from terra firma. A fantastic birthday present recorded in stills and video and the first of a few trips to Airkix I think.

You'll find the stills and videos in the Gallery


Jul 2014:

July 2014, sun sea and windowsLife is now quite normal for us in Spain so it's difficult to know what to put on here these days but, as we've just updated the house again with new, though of traditional design, windows and doors we thought it worth putting something up about that. And a few other things too.

You'll find them in the Gallery


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