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After our Civil Partnership/Wedding
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After our Civil Partnership/Wedding we spent 8 beautiful days on the Costa Blanca, Spain. Relaxing, eating and drinking - and house hunting too. You see the pictures here not only of our holiday but also views of, and from, some of the houses that we saw. And specifically the one in the mountains that we both fell in love with
Although we based ourselves in Torrevieja, it's not the most scenic of places. We did get to like it and walked into the northern part of the town at least once a day - especially in the evening for a meal.
This is actually the sea front at Santa Pola, just up the cost from Torrevieja We both liked Santa Pola and the walk on the front. It's a more relaxed place than Torrevieja and less commercial This is Darryl on one of the 'piers' that stick out into the bay
And the view of Santa Pola from that 'pier' And the other way! On another day we decided to go for a drive into the real Spain, miles from anywhere - apart from the road we were on. I've no idea where this is nor could I find it again but it was remote
And another view from the same point, just a small finca in sight .... .... and the mountains in the distance We decided to have a day on Tabarca, an island where cars are not allowed, just off the coast from Santa Pola and Alicante. This was on the ferry going over there
and so is this and we leave Santa Pola behind and the cliffs of Santa Pola behind which is the city of Alicante
and again and again! and thus to Tabarca in the distance
This is the jetty at Tabarca with a couple of ferries moored in the bay ... and the view over to the Costa Blanca Tabarca is inhabited, but only at one end. So we walked to the other. And found a real life large cactus
In fact a whole forest of them that we had to pick our way through And having picked, Darryl had to empty his shoe of all the pointy bits we had picked up on the way The building in the background is the lighthouse, once manned but now automatically operated
On the way back to the occupied end of the island, having seen very few people in the beautiful and often deserted bays, we spied a whole gaggle of people on Tabarca's main beach And sure enough, they had managed to walk all of 250 metres from the boat before beaching themselves. And all that beauty they never even knew was there In the main town, and away from the tourists again, we came across the main plaza ...
... deserted again save for a few people in the bar that is a compulsory part of any Spanish plaza and you can just see the bar in the distance on the right And here is the main street off the plaza, a hive of activity as you can see
And then it was back to the harbour for the ferry back to the mainland. In the distance is the local church undergoing renovation The ferries run once an hour, but this is Spain so we had to wait for over an hour and a half for one - but at least we were in the sunshine Eventually Tabarca disappeared into the distance
And so to finish, here's the view from the roof of the apartment we were staying in, into the complex and the pool where I spent most early morning slowly waking up as I floated around, and Darryl and I spent a number of evenings cooling off And the view over the rooftops of that part of Torrevieja

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