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Summer 2015 - The Drive
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Personal circumstances have meant that the visits to Spain in 2015 have been less frequent than previously and our visit in May 2015 was mainly taken up with sorting out pay & rations type things - so nothing of interest to a photo blog. But on our visit in July we'd booked the builder for the final major building work that we had planned for the house. So this is the story of The Drive!
But before the work got started we had a drive out to the coast. And when we say coast, this probably isn't the first view that comes to mind but round here is not always your typical Spanish beaches. Monday came and this was partway through Day 1. The drive had been scraped to remove all the loose gravel and weeds. And the footings for the garden walls was laid. The idea was to hide the water deposit as part of the walls.
The first pile of sand was delivered and the first of the wall was laid. This concrete mixer was the first of two as it wore out before the job was finished. But it wasn't all just watching the workmen - here we were having a birthday meal out with one of our good friends over here, Penny. The cause of the celebration, the birthday boy John in the pink shirt, was 70.
Next day, the wall had been finished and partly blanco'd. The piedra (stones) to cover the top of the deposit had also arrived. The holes in the wall are for the lights that were going to be fitted and which will come on automatically when they sense movement. One week in and the walls are finished, the light fitted (though not yet powered) and all is ready to start the mammoth task of laying the cobbles.
The top of the water deposit is now looking quite posh. The small bit of garden toward the house was also receiving a makeover in keeping with the rest of it. And the first of the concrete/cobble effect drive was laid.
As you can see, there was an awful long way to go! A couple of days later and they were getting on well. Another weekend so another trip away from the house. This time a drive across the Sierra de Maria, one of our favourite drives with stunning views.
And a picnic area in the woods when you get there. Or go for a walk in the woods. Back home and the little garden, once so scruffy, has been tidied and actually looks attractive at last.
Well over halfway now and the full effect of the cobbles can be seen. Progress on some days seems greater than others - this was two days later. And we now had working lights so we walked up and down checking the the PIR sensors picked up movement as they should and turned the lights on as they ought.
And they did. Finally the last of the concrete was laid and the bottom of the drive had been reached. It now looked quite smart as you walked round from the house. No workmen, no water barrel, no digger!
And looking up toward the house you can now see the water channel and other than some painting of walls and planting of gardens, which will have to wait until we are next out, the job is finished. The sitoutery is also finally finished and dressed. Our neighbour Denise made the cushions as well as the curtains and a posh job it is too. And we can finally sit 'oot' in it in comfort.
And in case you were wondering where we got cushions that size from, the back cushions are actually pillows and the bottom cushions are folded over duvets! As you sit there with your Kindle or whatever, this is the view toward the house and pool … … and this toward the mountain.

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