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Spanish New Year
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Over in Spain for Christmas 2014 and New Year 2015 as is usual was a fairly quiet affair. A couple of things of note happened that qualified for pictures to appear here not the least of which was that we went to Valencia, a city we've been to before and love, to join the Spanish for their version of New Year's Eve.
Although it was the last day of the year you can see that a Spanish winter is not exactly like a UK one. Sunshine, blue skies and t-shirt weather! And this is the view into what used to be the old river bed until they diverted the river to avoid floods. And being in Spain the stopping for a coffee in whatever square takes your fancy is verging on the compulsory This square is outside the cathedral - which is both those buildings in the background.
Once the city gates they are now preserved as just a beautiful building though you can still climb up them to the ramparts if you fancy it. We didn't. I hope you don't suffer from vertigo. This is the view from the (small) balcony of our hotel room but looking straight down to the street below. And from the same position, looking into the main square - or the top part of it.
Out in the evening, this is the view back from the square to our hotel. And from the same position as the last photo, down unto the main square just before they closed it to traffic for the night. This is where the crowds gather to watch and listen to the town hall clock as it strikes midnight. Our first ever attempt at a selfie. The object in the background is the Christmas tree.
The town hall and the very well behaved crowd in front of it. There were about 20 police stationed outside the town hall looking very bored and with nothing to do. And another view. Just a little bit of house news and the sit-outery now has curtains to provide a bit of shade and, on a spring or autumn evening, some protection from a chilly breeze.

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