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Living the Dream
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It is becoming more and more difficult to find things to add to our gallery because what once was news-worthy is now becoming normal life. We treat both Spain and England as home and life continues in a normally pleasant way at each. And that's not news! But our time in Spain in July this year saw us replacing our doors and windows which does give us a bit of an excuse to add something to the gallery for once.
But firstLord of the FliesOur Local Pizzeria
But a few days after we arrived, Darryl's mum & dad came to stay with us for a few days. And what better excuse to use our new barbecue. Darryl, of course, is chief chef on these occasions. Whilst Pete acts as Lord of the Flies trying desperately to keep them off the food. After they'd left we went to an entertainment evening at out local pizzeria. Not very Spanish, I suppose, but the owner is Argentinian and his wife Spanish and so were many fo the clientele. And the pizzas are both huge and delicious.
FriendsJanineParty into the night
We've made a number of friends over here in Spain of all nationalities, here's Darryl talking with some Dutch friends whilst, before I got up to take the photo, I was chatting with Jean Claude (Belgium) and Marie (Congo). And the entertainement for the evening was provided by another friend of ours, Janine, who has a fantastic voice and, had she not chosen a family rather than a singing career, would be doing world tours by now! Being Spain the party continued out into the street and, other than the occcasional car squeezing past (which included a police car at one point, who just smiled as they passed), we stayed put well into the night.
The MedAnd Darryl tooPacked Beaches
No visit to Spain would be complete without a dip in the Med. Though in this case it was just a paddle to be able to say that, once again, I'd been in the sea in 2014. Darryl decided to opt for dry land! Although the signs are that 2014 will be a good tourist season in Spain, and much needed so we can replace the money stolen from us by the bankers, you don't have to stray too far from the tourist centres to find our sort of beaches - with loads of space and a mere scattering of humanity.
The Doors beforeThe lounge doorThe front door
And so to the main part of the story - our new doors and windows. This is what the bedroom doors were like, more or less as they were when we bought the house in 2007 save for a lick of wood stain. Cheap and none too cheerful. Even the lounge doors from the hall were quite bland in spite of the addition of glazing. We wanted to keep the original front doors and have them refurbished but they were beyond saving so we have had doors made in an identical pattern. The frame was pretty rotten at the bottom too so it was replaced as well.
The big holeFrom the outsideThe windows
And so for a short while one day we had a large hole in the wall. This taken from the outside is our hall via the hole ... thankfully the door was soon refitted. The windows needed replacing too. Again we went for a traditional design to match the front door.
The finished windowsThe doors finishedFront door
And here is the finished result. Small pains of glass to keep the sun, and thus the heat, out. And the finished doors too. Much more in keeping with the house I hope you'll agree. And the finished front door. The chains are an unfortunate necessity to keep out the flies (pulled back here so you can see the door) which is a sort of shame as they hide the workmanship but needs must.
Windows with fly screenThe windows insideThe lounge doors
And I suppose the same could be said for covering the windows with fly screens but rather that then being eaten alive! Now that we have windows with working shutters it's amazing how dark the room stays even when it gets light outside in the mornings. And finally the new lounge doors. Currently plain glass, they are being glazed in a patterned Moorish dark yellow or dark blue (the jury is still out on that one) to go with the Moorish/Mediterranean feel of the overall decorations. Or our version of it.

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