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Finishing the garden
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When we had the pool installed there was an area of equal size beyond it which we couldn't afford to have done up at the time. But that time is now and this is how it progressed over the spring, summer and autumn of 2013. There is still some final tidying up work to do, and some plants to plant, but the main part of it is now complete and we have time to enjoy it.
BeforeBefore againAt the top of the drive
This is the before picture. As you can see the area between the pool and the old (derelict) school is wild and rugged. Over the 6 years we've had the house nature has taken over And, higher up above that area, we started by fencing in our land.
Fencing continuesClearanceFrom the top of the drive
And the fencing continued all around Once the weeds had been cleared away and the site levelled, the builders started on the new surrounding wall And the wall continues round and up the rear drive.
Finished height wallThe wall continuesCorner planters
The wall is not too high, we didn't want to spoil the view. The wall is growing all around. The mountain between the wall and the fence will be allowed to grow wild once more. The corners are to have planters where we are going to attempt to grow oranges. We're a bit high up the mountain but we're hoping the shelter from the old school will offset this.
The WhateverUp the driveBraai
And then the Pièce de Résistance, which we call the Whatever as we couldn't think of another name for it, is started. This will become a shelter, gazebo, sun shade, storage for the pool equipment and pool changing area. The triangular Whatever viewed from the other angle also showing the steep rear drive and completed wall. This is the delivery of the barbecue or braai as Darryl calls it. The delivery and installation men were struggling with the weight.
And here we have the tableStruggling workmenConstucting the bbq
And here is Stuart showing off the new table, as it will become, that matches the braai. Although two strapping lads they struggled to keep the various parts of the braai and table under control as they manhandled them down the very steep drive. And then the construction started
Construction continuedBBQ finishedView from above
And continued piece by piece Until it was finished and standing proudly against the backdrop of the mountains And here you can see the bbq in position, the Whatever completed and bits of the table laying around
GeneratorThe pebblesNearly there
Part of the improvement work is us having a standby generator installed for the times, mainly in the winter, when the mains supply fails. So here's Jenny! And then the pebbles can go down to start the finishing off Another view from the top of the drive and you can see the pebbles finished and the planters with soil added.
SitooteryCookingAnd the finale
And Darryl is finally able to use the Whatever, now christened by our Scottish neighbours as The Sitootery because you 'sit oot' in it, for it's intended purpose. Or one of them at least. And the braai or barbecue can also be used for its designed purpose too. Darryl being cook as usual in these circumstances. And the finale started. Here the steps are being tiled as is the standing space in front of the barbecue.
The tableBreakfastOfficial opening
The table is moved into it's final position and, with the weight that it is, the position will definietly be final! And the following day breakfast could be taken just where breakfast should - in the garden at the table which, you will notice, is now surrounded by and sat in the pebbles. Our neigbours popped round for the official opening of the garden toasted with bubbly and the odd beer or three. The bottom of the drive is yet to be finished off but we'd waited long enough to use it we thought we would anyway.

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