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Our visitors in 2013
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As usual we had a number of visitors during the year and, in May, we had a short break with Darryl's parents in the Sierra Espuña in Murcia which is a wonderful National Park and, as you can see, has stunning scenery. Actually our visits started with our neighbours from the UK, Rod & Mary, coming over to what was the worst Spring weather in Spain fot many years so there was only one photo opportunity. Returning to Spain in August and we joined our good friends Gill & Will in a welcome party for Gill's son who was visiting from New Zealand where he now lives. Later we entertained our other neighbours from the UK, Margaret & Hazel, and as you can see, the weather was as you would expect in Spain.
MarySierra EspuñaAn old acequia
Darryl making bunny ears over Mary's head sat on the beach wall at Mojácar On our first day, and having checked into our stunning hotel, we went for a walk to a gorge that is, as you can, quite a trail. And very pretty. An acequia is a community owner water channel getting the water from it's sourse ot the fields and, as water won't flow up hill, when it comes to a valley a viaduct has to be built. This one hasn't seen water for many a year though!
RestingOur hotelThe valley
A rest upon the way Our hotel was am old monastery that has been converted into a learning centre, conference centre and hotel. Each of the half-round spaces you can see is a balcony of one of the rooms - ours is top left. And here is a long-shot of the hotel nestling in the valley and surrounded by the forest
View from our roomThe view in the morningThe church
That evening the mists rolled in and gavea spooky feeling when looking across the valley. Later that night it rained very hard which, in Spain, means very very hard. But within a few hours, it was dry again. And the following day we awoke to the most wonderful view across the olive groves. Adjacent to the hotel was a rather nice church - not surprisingly as it was once a monastery
Inside the churchAn obelisqueThe lakes
And inside it was decorated in the most wonderful fashion One day we went off to look for the Ice Houses in which, in days gone by, they used to pack the snow in winter and sell the resulting ice the following summer. We found them but they weren't very photogenic. We opted instead, to sit around this rather phallic looking markerpost. The next day, and a visit to the lake which you can see here in the distance
ChristThe viewRichard's homecoming
Opposite the hotel, and up to the top of the hill, was one of the usual hilltop statues to Christ which we walked up to, of course. And this is the view over which he is presiding. Quite stunning. Gill's son Richard, now living in New Zealand, was visiting for the first time in 6 years. A celebration party round the pool was organised though only Gill, Darryl and Stuart ventured into the water.
Cutting the cakeFamily groupRambla running
Cutting of the cake. Actually I think is was a roll but it was cut anyway. L to R: Elise (Richard's girlfriend), Richard (Gill's youngest son), Callum (Gill's oldest lad), William and Gill. An unusual site, especially in summer, is to see the rambla, normally a dry dusty riverbed, running with water
Water erosionHazel and GranizadoBaza Lakes
And eroding the valley bottom that little bit more Hazel and Margaret came to visit and this is Hazel getting the very last out of a glass of granizado - a drink made with ice and fresh lemon juice. We took Hazel and Margeret to Baza Lakes, a beautiful part of the country about an hour away where we had a picnic by the lake. You can just see us in the distance!
Coffee at MojácarIn the seaPaddling
Mojácar Pueblo is lovely hill top village and having a coffee in the open air overlooking the sea is well worth paying a bit over the odds for. And back on the coast at Mojácar Playa, we paddled in the Med. It was lovely and we were dying to dive in!
FiestaHazel dancingFarewell meal
On Saturday we went off to a local village, Los Alamos, to a fiesta there. We knew the singer, Janine, so we went to support her too. And Hazel showed her support by joining in the dancing Out for a meal on our last night we tucked in to part Spanish/part English fare.
Darryl & Dad
Having dropped Hazel & Margaret at Alicante airport on their return home, we called in to see Darryl's mum and dad. This is Darryl & his dad on their roof terrace.

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