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Gill & Will's Wedding
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We'd been over in Spain for Christmas 2012 and New Year 2013 but there weren't enough photo opportunities to make it worth adding any here. However on our trip in April it was the exact opposite - our good friends, Gill & Will, were getting married. They've been together for over 10 years but decided to make it official. They married in Gibralter on Williams' 65th birthday but them came back to the village for the reception on the following Sunday. The guests were a great mix of Spanish, Scottish and English and it's fair to say that a good day was had by all. I think they had a day to remember too.
Gill & DarrylGill & DarrylGill & Stuart
Gill and Darryl Gill and Darryl (again!) Gill and Stuart
Gill & StuartGill & WilliamGill & William
Gill and Stuart (again!) Gill and William open their cards and presents Gill and William open their cards and presents
The feast beginsGill speakingThe cake
In typical Spanish style there was one long table so that nobody felt left out Gill gave a short speech which was translated into Spanish by Juan The cake
Juan was in charge of the barbeque - a full time job
Cutting the cake
Gill and Will cut the cake to shouts of encouragement in English and Spanish
KiltsGill & Denise
The Bride and Groom with Stewart and Jordon Gill with Denise, the designer and creater of Gill's fabulous dress.
Group Photo
Most fo the guests lines up for the group photo
Scottish DancingJuan and Gill
William and Gill showed off some Scottish dancing And then Gill tried to get Juan dancing Scottish too
Nisha and Tizzy
And the girls (Annisha and Tizzy) were not to be forgotten either
Spanish DancingToo much ... heatMeanwhile back at the house
Then it was the turn of the Spanish guests to show how dancing should be done their way Was it the heat or the drink? Let's be kind and say it was the heat! Meanwhile, back at the house, our next bit of construction work starts - finishing off the pool area
JCB diggingNo weeds
We're cutting back the moutain and bulding retaining walls so we can tidy up the land and add it to the garden And the weeds are cleared and the ground flattened
Taken from aboveRandom shot of weeds
This is taken from the top of the short drive down to the back of the house - the pool area. But not all weeds are ugly. This is an area at the front of the hosue that we are leaving to mother nature
Random shot of weedsDarryl and KindleHidden cove
And in this one she paints the weeks in the style of Monet Darryl hard at work with his Kindle! This is the sort of seaside view we like - a trip to the sea and a whole cove to ourselves
Industrial ghosts
Near this cove were the remnants of it's industrial past; now no more.

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