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Spain at last ...
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2012 was a strange year and we weren't able to visit Spain much due to Stuart's medical stuff taking priority so these few photos are all our 2012 visits rolled into one. Even after the operation, we couldn't travel for quite sme time but, as soon as the all clear was given, we jumped straight on the first available Ryanair flight and headed for the sun. We just managed to get there before the wearther decided that Autumn had arrived and turned down the heating a notch or two. So we did manage to get a little more use out of the pool before it was too late.
May 2012Sierra de MariaThe in-laws visiting
It was good to get back under the blue Andalucian skies And to our favourite nearby spot, the Sierras above our house. This is taken looking down into the valley at the other side though still a few thousand feet above sea level. Much to our delight, Darryl's mum and dad seem to love to come stay with us for a few days if they happen to be over at their palce in Spain at the same time as us. Soaking up the sun, of course.
Your nuts sirJune 2012Albox, Plaza Mayor
Pete loves his almonds and here is in the middle of picking them from the trees in our garden. This was Stuart's trophy photo taken part-way through him getting back to a healthy weight from him being definetely not so. This is a the main sqaure in our local town taken from our favourtite bar where were having a coffee or two. A lovely way to spend some time people watching.
Autumn cloudsA sad sight - the pool coverOur Mountain in the mist
Finally the consultant gave Stuart the go ahead to fly. It was not October and the autumn clouds had started to appear in the sky. Eventually it was obvious it wasn't going to be warm enough to swim in the pool again until Spring so we had the sad job of putting on the pool cover. The mists rolled in, here the mountain is starting to disappear beneath the cloud
Clouds down the valleyTV Satellite dishMains water arrives
And we were actually above the clouds as they spilled down the valley We finally weakened and had UK TV installed, by FreeSat satellite not Sky, and a brilliant picture quality it is too. Still the same rubbish though but at least we now have a choice between Spanish and UK TV and, failing both those, DVDs. And the other big news is that main water has arrived in the village. Well the pipes have but, as yet, they have no water to fill them with. When they sort that out, we will get joined up but until then we'll carry on waiting. Here, the diggers arrive to lay the still-empty pipes.

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