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Granada and more ...
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Our visit in July 2011 started out with a visit from Iris and Pete who came down to us from their place in Gran Alacant. As has become usual now, we organised ourselves a short break to see more of Spain and this time it was Granada - we had been previously about 4 years ago as we escaped the snow in Saliente (see Jan 2007 in this gallery)
26 degrees in the poolAlhambra, GranadaGranada from the Generalife
Iris, Pete and Darryl making good use of the pool This is the view of the Alhambra from the Generalife which are the gardens that are attached to the Alhambra. The view of the city of Granada taken from the Generalife
Pools and fountains
The Alhambra should be one of the wonders of the modern world, even if it is 600 years old. There are pools and fountains, of all shapes and sizes, at every turn. The water comes down from the higher parts of the Darro, one of the two main rivers that flow through Granada. With courtyards for shade provided by a variety of trees.
And in every building you find stunning wood carving … … and stone carving and plasterwork. Airy walkways connect the buildings
Granada CathedralThe organ
Granada Cathedral: Anyone who knows us well will realise that churches and cathedrals are not normally high on our must-visit list but we had been told not to miss the cathedral in Granada. And how true that was. Wall paintings and gilding everywhere. This is actually only a small part of the organ's pipe-work. We did not hear it play but I guess it will be pretty spectacular.
Main shopping area
The stunning wall-paintings and gilding are wonderfully renovated and preserved. As for this door, that really is a full size Darryl. How do they get to the bolt in middle of the door? We were intrigued by the sun-shade erected to protect the main shopping street. Certainly needed in Granada's summer heat.
FountainsFederico Garcia Lorca's house
As in just about every Spanish town or city, water plays an important part. And many, like this, are illuminated as soon as dusk falls. Another fountain, at dusk. Federico Garcia Lorca is one of Spain's most famous sons. A talented poet he was killed by the Republicans during the terrible times of the civil war. This is his house he lived in when in Granada.
Pool fightFood and drinkCastillo de Velez Blanco
When we returned to Saliente we were invited to a pool party at our friends, Sue and Pete. We'd missed the last one but had heard that everyone got a good soaking - even those who did not go in the water. Water guns are great fun! But no party is complete without generous helpings of food and copious amounts of drink. And Sue and Pete are exceptionally good hosts. Not too far from us in Saliente is the small town of Velez Blanco. And on the hill above the town is the ancient castle. This is the view over the town from the castle window.
The main doorThe key to the castle
The main door, with the smaller entrance door at its base Darryl at the entrance door, looking out from the inside. and holding the actual key to the castle - quite a weight.
El Huétor
At the castle was a medieval celebration and this was one of the displays.

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