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Christmas/New Year/Three Kings, Dec 2009/Jan 2010
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As has seemed to become our routine now, we set off for Spain in mid-December and were looking forward to warmer times. We may have got times that were warmer than the folks in the UK were having, but it was very cold to Spanish standards. And very windy, in fact it did cause some slight damage to the house but nothing that couldn't be easily fixed.
And so, we're starting this gallery off with a few pictures of our garden in the UK for the benefit of our Spanish friends.
So, starting in UK, this is the road outside of our house. We weren't there ... thankfully. And this is the view of the snow covered back garden. Somewhere under that lot is our fish pond. I suspect the fish were close to the bottom of the pond as they could manage.
Tabby was not at all impressed. But sometimes, needs must as she tries to find a bit of soil in which to dig a hole Distinctly un-impressed!
And now to Spain: the monastery is completely lost in clouds but the effect was quite dramatic This is Bernie, one of next door's cats who was enjoying the winter sunshine in our garden And next door's dog, Ailsa being inspected by the cat
Ailsa enjoys the sun The grape vines are looking a little bare And cat's again. This one is daisy who seems to have taken a liking to the plant in our front garden
On the 2nd Jan, Gill & William decide to host a céilidh in their barn. The spanish were, I think the expression would be, confused. This, believe it or not, is the outside of their barn And it comes complete with log fireplace and lighting. The fire is for when Juan, who farms the land around there, stops for his breakfast or lunch.
The guests begin to arrive And Gill is doing the greeting John was, I think, signifying pleasure here, but who can say
Although Gill & William had invited a number of Spanish I think they must have thought it all too strange. In the end it turned out to be a mainly English and Scottish 'do'    
I think this was Gill & Denise doing a 'Status Quo' for those old enough to remember who Quo were    
Janet & Barry lead off and Juan and Fran show us how it's done Whilst John & Penny take on the Simon Cowell role
On the 5th January it is the eve of Tres Reyes, or Three Kings As dusk fell, the parade started  
For such a small town, as Albox is, there was a pretty reasonable crowd had gathered As we walked back to the car, this view across the rambla caught my attention The Spanish love their Christmas lights
An impromptu visit to our neighbours, the Yeamans And Mussie, their main cat Although the wind hardly let up, we decided to go to the coast one day and were treated to a beautiful, if chilly, day.
A walk on the beach does you good no matter what the temperature   Darryl couldn't resist taking this one of me having fallen asleep with Tio, Gill & William's cat, snuggled in my arms.
And he stayed even after we both woke up   And finally, we went to see Andy and Amanda. our friends from the other side of Albox to wish them good cheer and we met Amanda's mum, who happened to be visiting them.

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