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The house (almost) sorted, June and August 2008 and a bit of October
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Here are some more photos from out June trip that didn't make the previous page, and a few from August. The tiling has been finished now and we even got around to some decorating - no easy task in the heat of summer in Spain - but the lounge is looking great now and all ready for the new suite we ordered which will be delivered in early December we hope.
Returning for a quick 4-day break in October to pick up our new car, we managed to choose the worst 4 days of rain of the year. Thunder, lightning, torrential downpours and about 15 minutes of sun in the whole 4 days. At the bottom of here you will see pictures of a rare sight - the normally dry river bed (the rambla) in full flow for the second time in as many weeks.
No excuses for including another picture of 'our' mountain, we just love the view And this is how the front garden looks now, with the grape vines doing quite well on the garage wal And it's here you can see the start of the new tile-work we have had done - tidying up the front steps and making it look more welcoming
The conifers are doing well - we'll need to watch they don't spoil the view down the valley This view, from the lounge door toward the front door shows off the new floor tiles As you can see, traditional pattern tiles provide a border between the outside tiles, which continue through the rest of the rooms, and the slightly darker centre tiles.
And this shows them better This is the visitor's bedroom, now completed other than needing a little more furniture and the view from that bedroom into the hall
At the other side of the hall is the Study/third bedroom which, as you can see, has been tiled but little else done. This is unlikely to get sorted until we move out there And now the lounge, still with the borrowed suite (thanks Denise!), but looking much better for having a proper floor down And the view from the dining area back into the lounge and on into the kitchen
We have also replaced the tiles around the fire, to match those in the hall. And we couldn't resist a close up of the central heating - a rarity in Saliente. Only needed for a couple of months of the year - but when it is, it is! This is the view into the en suite, now it too is finished
And a fully functional showe How's this for a view from a bathroom window? It's fantastic to get showered in the morning sun as it streams in thorough the window And whilst we're on about views, this is the view from the main bedroom. The bars are the rejas, or burglar bars, which allow you to leave windows wide-open whilst still being secure
And the view from the lounge over the pool. Gardening and planting are being left until we move over and can look after them properly We also had the kitchen walls tiled above the granite work-tops and round the new window And this is the view from the kitchen window, through the rejas
And so another review of the front, showing off our grape vines surviving in spite of neglect And down the side of the house showing off the new wall And telephone pole
These are the steps down the mountain side (you can see the top of them in the middle picture of the row above). They go down to our cave And the wall you can see, shelters the cave entrance. It's only a small cave! The view down the valley from above the cave entrance
The finished pool area, including outside shower And the pool area looking toward (the back of) the house Outside shower - surprisingly practical when the temperature can get to 40°C in the shade
A close up of the pool surround. It's actually painted and printed concrete From the deep end of the pool is the yet-to-be-developed garden and the ruin of the old village school Same area, from the other direction
This is our drive running up to the road - very steep first-gear stuff. And looking down from the road toward the house (the long garage you can see with the dark door belongs to our neighbours) And here's the view of the top of the drive from the road (I doubt you will be able to make it out)
So here's a closer view. The entrance is actually between the two green bushes toward the centre of the picture. And here it is. It's like dropping off the side of the mountain! Finally, this is our mountain again but at the end of the day as the sun disappears behind it.
Simply stunning.
This is a view from our terrace overlooking the normally dry rambla but, in October, it was running with water Further down the river/rambla is a place where an earlier 'run' had gouged out a large hole inthe river bed making it impassible to vehicles so a detour up and over the river-bank had to be constructed But this was where it all went wrong the second time the river ran. Water will always find a way through no matter what man does.

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