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Getting the house back together, May and June 2008
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Having managed to wait from January to May, we were keen to get back over to see what had gone happened to the house now the main building work had been competed. We also wanted to start putting it back together and decorating.
Our first surprise was how good the new tiled floor looks. We expected it to look good, but it was far better than we could have imagined. The builders had done a really good job and even finished off a number of odds and ends such as the slow draining sink.
Unfortunately our next surprise was not as good. Whilst we had left about 500 litres of heating oil in the tank when we left in January, the tank was now virtually empty and the alarm was showing. Some little s*** had been and drained the whole tank, over 400€ (about £300) worth. And there was hardly enough left to even run the hot water for showers. We had an idea who it was, so we spent the morning of the next day at the Guardia Civil (ie police) reporting the loss and our suspicions. They were up in a few hours investigating and interviewing - the Spanish police take theft very seriously.
But here are the pictures of the more pleasant side of Spain.
On the day we arrived, Alison invited us round for a bbq so, armed with a few bottles of wine, we set off for a very pleasant evening of sun, food, wine and conversation All the food was local, most from the local markets. And beautifully cooked. The dessert, consisting of locally grown fruit, was superb Then we went to play in the pool. It was a bit nippy at 21° but you soon got used to it and it was great fun to be splashing about in the evening sun
So, being particularly childish, the aim was to splash as much water at the others in the pool as was possible. And just a little swimming And then Stuart got 'got' by Charlotte
Drying off is easy, just a light toweling, then let the sun do the rest! Later that week we went horse riding. Here's Darryl on his way back. William, instructing, was ahead just out of picture And then it was Stuart's turn to trot down the rambla
Another day, and we have a day out at the Baza lakes. A beautiful drive and walk - even if we do seem to get lost every time we go. But the fun is finding something new each time - even if we can never find it again! But on the way back, we discovered the Sierra de Maria. Actually this is only about 30 minutes away from us and we didn't know it was there until this trip. It's a National Park so, thankfully, is going to be preserved pretty much as we saw it.
Stunning trees and mountains that you can get right up to. And so few people around it was peace and tranquility We had to have a go in our pool having been in Alison's. This is Gill, someone who is becoming a really good friend and a great bundle of fun. She's a good swimmer too - unlike us We even managed to persuade Darryl to go into the pool - and he did enjoy his brief swim even though he thought it very cold
And here's Darryl and Gill at the far end of the pool, just to prove that he did make it to the deep end When we went back in June, Iris (Darryl's mum) went with us. We walked up to the monastery one day - this is it And this is Darryl stood on the edge of the forecourt, there is a sheer drop down at the other side of the metal fence
And Iris even closer to the edge! This is the view down the valley toward Albox and over the top of our village, Saliente Alto My camera was bought for me for Christmas by Darryl, so I decided to try out the zoom on it. This is taken from the same place as the previous picture. I've highlighted our house.
Our very good friend Alison was heading back to the UK so we had a small farewell party by the pool - the first time we'd done a barbie and pool party And this is Denise heading for the food, and her daughter Jodie in the poo It was a gorgeous day and the best place to be was partially submerged

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