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Progress in Saliente Alto, December 2007 - January 2008
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We decided to get away to the sun for New Year 2008 so, on Boxing Day we jetted out to Spain. As you'll see below, the weather was, on the whole, superb. There were a couple of overcast days but nothing on the scale of a UK overcast sky!
We saw the New Year in at Alison & Paddy's following the Spanish tradition of the twelve grapes (one eaten at every strike of the bell at midnight) and then, an hour later, we celebrated once again when it was midnight in the UK. We also followed the usual tradition of getting slightly drunk and dancing when we really ought to know better - and here's the video proof
We also stayed for Dia de los tres Reyes or Three Kings night where Albox held a fiesta with a parade and spectacular fireworks - see the video here
Our first view of the completed pool area, looking though the side gate down toward the pool And the whole area looked really superb. We're very pleased with the result With the sun on the concrete surround, you can see the pattern more clearly
Being winter, of course, the pool cover is on - and with the water temperature at 6 degrees, it stayed that way! This was taken to try out my new camera on 'Timer' mode - hence the wall at the bottom across the picture And one last one showing the new kitchen window, twice the size of the old so we get a better view when standing at the sink - yet still small enough to look traditional
This is the view at the front of the house - including roses in full flower At the back of the house is the new Boiler House (just above the car) which now supplies the hot water and heating And a closer view from the other side, together with the shiny new oil tank - cleverly hidden I think
It was cold in the evenings, down to about 2 or 3 degrees, but the log stove was wonderful to sit in front of On Sunday we went to Mojacar for the flea market and Mojacar Playa to walk on the beach. As you can see, we were virtually alone Darryl looking out to sea
And then Stuart! The next morning we woke to a beautiful dawn. This is the sun-rise and the whole mountain turing pink in the light ........... and again
Dawn over the village On New Year's Eve we went to Alison & Paddy's and this is the table before we started to attack it And further into the meal - as you can see from the beer cans!
I think this was taken at the pudding course and from the other angle Even the cat got in on the act .......
William showing us that they really were legs under that kilt - fortunately, he stopped at that point I believe it was 'Dancing Queen' that got us up onto the floor - type-casting I suppose Just to prove that the log stove did get some use - and to show what it looked like before the new tiles get laid
Notice the very attractive bare concrete floor - shortly to be covered in new tiles The dining area - and, seemingly, the cloakroom too The lounge area ...
.. and this is definitely a 'before' view and we are looking forward to the 'after' view when the tiling is done later in January The hall as it now is ... and visitor's room
and the study which also doubles as the other bedroom looking from the front door towards the lounge A boozy evening with the neighbours Stewart and Denise and their daughter, Jody
Spain celebrates Three Kings night (Dia de los tres Reyes) as much as Christmas and this is the start of the parade through the streets of Albox The local police start the parade, followed by the fireworks - hand held as you can see And as you'll see, part of the fun for the kids is picking up the sweets that are thrown from each float as it passes by
In one of the main squares was a marquee with a model on a Nativity ..... with moving models , flowing water ... ... and, of course, the crib, the shepherds and the three kings
We decided in a day out in the south. We headed for Almería (city) and then worked our way towards the beach at Capo de Gato (Cape of the Cat!) And, apart from a couple walking their three dogs, we were the only ones there At the actual cape, which involves driving along a single track road clinging to the mountainside
This is the lighthouse and radar station which looks after all the traffic in this part of the Med And finally, just to prove how warm it was, here's Stuart relaxing after breakfast on the terrace

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