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Pete's Party
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After, literally, months of secret preparation and more white-lies than anyone was comfortable with, the surprise was sprung when Pete, Darryl's dad, arrived for a quiet meal for 4 at Ballymena Golf Club. A large gathering of friends and family, from both sides of the Irish Sea were waiting - and his face was a picture when he walked in!
The balloons were up, the banners were on the walls Unfortunately we couldn't get a picture of Pete's face as he walked in Eventually he got time to take of his jacket
And to inspect the damage. Donna had been through the box of old photos for all to see Pete with the culprit (Iris) and her mum And with daughter and son
The cake arrives, not quite 60 candles but nearly Enough candles to light the room though ! The Cake
Pete checks out his hastily written speech And then the buffet is declared open Iris and Pete start the evening's dancing
Soon joined by Donna & Darryl. A rare site .. Darryl on a dancefloor, that is Donna gives us ... I mean Donna sings ..... the blues And then Iris and Pete take the stage
Not sure Pete knew the words Boogie on down And finally a bit of posh dancing

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