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Doing up the Front - 2003
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Having got the back garden looking almost as we wanted it, though it's always going to be a work in progress, we've started on the front. But this time it was a case of getting in the professionals.
This was the starting point. The tree had grown too large and the whole thing looked scruffy The crazy paving had to go, as did the 60's style wall So the man with the digger arrived and pretty soon neither were to be seen
Once leveled, it was time for the construction to begin. Start with a strengthening matting And a heavy compactor (which you can see parked on the neighbour's drive) The walls were rebuilt in reclaimed brick, sympathetic to the original house-bricks
We are keeping a little bit of garden so that we can 'green' it up a bit later We went to work one day and, when we got home, the paving was virtually complete The house originally had a front gate as well as a drive, so that was included in the plans
In 2004
An aerial view from Google taken in 2004

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