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Our house to be
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So this is the house we decided upon and are negotiating to buy. About 60 years old, it is a 3-bedroom cortijo.
Our houseThe approachFront terrace
It's the single-storey one just above centre of the picture, facing straight on to camera. As you approach the house, you go through this gate to the front terrace ... ... which, as you can see has spectacular views of the mountains
The driveMore of our landThe water deposit
Looking backwards from this point, you see the track that you came down from the mountain road, almond trees to right and left. ... and this is to the left of the last shot showing more of the land and, just to the bottom left corner, the top of the 'deposit' Again panning left-wards again you can now see more of the 'deposit'. This is the water storage tank. There are two water supplies, an agricultural right to some of the water that tumbles down the valley from the mountain top lakes and a well which is fed into the tank by gravity.
Rear of houseThe mountainDown the valley
And finally, the back of the house and the Aloe Vera cactus that mark the border So back to the front, so to speak, and this is the view from the terrace over the valley ... ... and again from the terrace, panning from right to left
The rough ground at rearLounge into kitchenThe wood burner
finally a view from the land at the far side of the house (where the pool is going to be built) and across the front of the house down the valley This is the view from the the small-ish lounge into the kitchen And the main means of heating, a wood burning stove
KitchenDining roomMain bedroom
The kitchen isn't actually this dark in real life At the opposite side of the lounge is the dining area and this is the view from it, across the lounge and into the kitchen And the final picture of the house is the main bedroom. Behind the far wall is an outhouse, only accessible from a door from the terrace. We're looking at opening it up into the house and building an en-suite.
Main bedroomMore viewsMore views
And the other side of the main bedroom The next views are those from the cottage we rented just a little way further up the valley, but they give an idea of why we like that area so much
More viewsMore viewsMore views
More viewsMore viewsThe Monastery
Peeping over the top of the mountain is the monastery of Saliente - now restored as a tourist attraction, restaurant and bar but it still holds religeous ceremonies
Local catsMap
And finally, the semi-feral cats that live around the rental property. Here, on the car, is a small selection of them - there are about 12 all together! Map of the Area

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