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Our adopted cat family
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We seem to have inherited one and a half cats from our neighbours. Tabatha (Tabby for short, because she is - tabby that is, not short) seems to have decided to move in with us where she can be the chief cat and has taken a dislike to Henry, a recent addition to our neighbours collection of cats, whereas Madge, the tortoise-shell one, only comes for a fuss and a sleep and then returns. So we only class her as half!
The chairPuss in SlippersSheepskin rug
The rule is whoever gets 'the' chair first has it and the other just has to wait. Here Tabby is in posession and Madge, the cat in waiting! Puss in Slippers starring Madge And the inevitable picture on a sheepskin rug with which to embarrass them when they get older :-)
Tabby in chargeMadge on catmintTabby asleep
Tabby in charge of that chair again and enjoying the sun Madge looking slightly stoned, the catmint is just to the left and she had just been helping herself Tabby asleep once more
Tabby still asleepMage, the bag ladyAttention !!
And, believe it or not, she was sleep here too Whereas Madge is a bit more down to earth and does the 'bag lady' thing Attention !!!

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