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Bob's boat
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A day out on Bob's new boat. Bob was one of Stuart's work colleagues but, as well as that, a great bloke. The boat was moored in North Wales and Bob took us on a day trip around Anglesey and down (or was it up) the Menia Strait. All in all, a fabulous day and a great experience.
Setting offStuart at the helmDarryl looking out
This is Bob checking out the rigging before we set off. Darryl's just managed to get into shot Stuart takes the helm Darryl, meanwhile, just kept his eye on where we were going
Cap'n BobThe easy bitDarryl still looking
Bob took over the difficult bits. And looked quite the part And left Stuart to do the easy bits While Darryl watched from a safe distance
Calm seasPuffin SoundPuffin Sound lighthouse - complete with bell that tolls every few minutes
Menai Bridge
The sea was fairly calm - though choppy enough for two unseasoned sailors such as us Lunch under the Menai Bridge - and unusually it was the Captain on this trip that was the cook
Heading homeA viewSafely moored
And so we headed home and Bob took over the helm as the river mouth is quite narrow for navigation Just a nice view - no idea where it was ! Safely moored.

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