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Ballymena, June 2005
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In June 2005 we went over to visit Darryl's mum and dad again and do a bit more touring of Northern Ireland. Fortunately, Pete had some time off work due whilst we were there so could take us to see from places we would not have known about otherwise
Loch Foyle FerryGreencastleInnishowen beach
On the first full day there, Iris and Pete took us west and toward Eire/Republic of Ireland and the short ferry crossing over Loch Foyle from Magilligan Point to Greencastle That's Greencastle over Darryl's shoulder and the day was not as grey as the picture makes it look From there we did a tour of the coast of the Innishowen peninsular .........
InnishowenWalls of DerryThe Bogside
.......... and visited some small and very quiet bays. There were houses but we saw no people. Spooky ! Coming back across into Northern Ireland, we stopped off in Londonderry, or Derry as it is called locally. Here, Iris and Pete pose atop the city walls with the (white) building which housed the Bloody Sunday Enquiry behind them And another famous view of Derry is down from the hill to the Bogside, scene of some of the worst fighting of the Troubles. Now thankfully a little more peaceful, the situation is immortalised in the local artwork on the sides of the buildings
Portaferry, County DownStrangfordDeserted Beach
The next day, with Pete and Iris at work, we went off exploring on our own and took yet another little ferry trip, this time south of Belfast in County Down between Portaferry and Strangford ... and this is Strangford as we approached it Another of the many nameless but beautiful deserted beaches, well almost
Stuart & Darryl on the beachTypical County Down viewGlenarrif, Antrim
This is at the same beach as the last photo. Deserted when we arrived and, within minutes, we'd started a tourist rush and about 4 cars arrived! Driving further into County Down, this is the sort of view you can expect round the next corner And on our final morning, Pete took some time off work and took us to Glenarrif out toward Waterfoot on the Antrim coast. A spectacular river valley with a wooden a walkway carrying you above the river
Glenarrif WaterfallsWalkway up the fallsAnd the next waterfall
And gushing waterfalls both little and large .... .... whilst the walkway meanders from side to side across the river ... .... and toward the next waterfall. Fantastic.
View from the forest to the seaMountain view to the sea
And after the walk up the river valley you can cross to the other side of the valley - it's actually two valleys that come together - and see the hills right down to the sea And here, in the distance, is the sea nestling between the mountains. Not quite what you expect so close to home

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