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As our family tree records expanded - it now has over 5,000 people on it - it became more obvious that keeping it online on here was not an option.

Ancestry logoSo we've bought some specialist software and you can now view it online at ancestry.co.uk which is where most of my investgatory work has been carried out anyway. And, in case you're worried about privacy, details of people on the tree who are still alive is only available to people who I have authorised to view them - which is generally only family anyway.

If you're not already a member of ancestry.co.uk, and I guess you're not, then you'll need me to issue you with an invitation to join and will allow you to see the family tree in much more detail than before. You could always sign up yourself but you'd have to pay a subscription - the invitation route is free. Just let me know if you're interested, either by email or when you next see me, and I'll send the invitation out.

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