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Obituary for Common Sense

Distributed Computing Grids - or how to get your pc doing something really useful!

Good, you've turned over the page so you must still be interested!


Overnight last night, my pc completed a few chunks of work, called work units, which it then sent back to base and got more - all it needed was to be connected to the internet (or if I was using dial-up it would wait until I was next connected) and that's it. I didn't even notice - and my response from the internet and my pc haven't changed at all because it only ever uses spare processing time and any needed for my own programs takes priority. Simple !

So what next? Go and have a closer look at WCG's website

And, once you've signed up and your pc/mac has started processing, you can join a team, if you wish, and see the accumulated time and points your collective processing power has done - or stay as an individual and see your own score add up. I've got my own team and would love you to join

What has it achieved so far? Well, recent projects have helped in the fight against cancer, finding a cure for AIDS/HIV and against Muscular Dystrophy. It has also helped scientists in gaining an insight into Human Proteome Folding! And, no, I don't understand what that is either, but you can find more details on their website if you want to.

So far, the collective processing power of WCG's members has added up over half-a-million YEARS worth of processing time …… that's just about beyond the edge of my imagination. And that figure is increasing by over 365 years worth of processing every day. Such figures could not be acheived by the most expensive computer on earth, it can only by done by us all working together

So what are you waiting for? Join up and let your pc take part in some really valuable work - you'll get nothing for it but that warm glow feeling …… but it won't cost you anything either :-)

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