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Distributed Computing Grids - or how to get your pc doing something really useful!

Have you ever wondered what your computer does with all it's unused power while you are reading that email you've just downloaded - or right now when you are reading this page? Well, check out the tasks that are running and you will see over 90%, maybe even 99%, of your processing power is doing absolutely nothing.

Wouldn't it be a good idea if someone could harness all this power, and that of the millions of pc's around the world that are doing the same thing and use them for something 'good. Please step forward, World Community Grid !!!!!

WCG are helping find a cure to smallpox, HIV/Aids and developing our knowledge of the human genes? And you can help

Currently there are over half a million members and well over 1¾ million computers dedicating their spare processor power to fighting some of the worst diseases in the world today. And while we're talking in millions, the total run time donated by members so far is rapidly approaching a half a million years!

WCG is open to pc, linux and Mac users. If you do decide to join us, then Stuart's even got his own team called team Gay_UK.

If you join, all you do is download a small bit of software and invent a login name and a password. The software then goes off and checks what chunk of processing needs doing as your contribution to the overall project, and it automatically downloads all it needs and starts work on it. So whilst you are reading that email, your pc is doing thousands of calculations. And while I am typing this web-page, I've also done my bit for science - though I have no idea specifically what - and I doubt I would understand it anyway.                                             … more>

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