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Open-source software

So what next? Well how about trying some of it. This website is written for and tested on Mozilla Firefox - an open-source browser. In fact the only thing I use Internet Explorer for these days is to check for Windows Updates! Firefox is my default browser and I've customised it, as you can do, to suit my specific tastes ... and as for tabbed browsing, well you never know what you are missing until you get it, and Firefox had it first. As expected, Internet Explorer 7 was launched with tabbed browsing - I wonder where they got that idea from!

And as for writing documents, creating spreadsheets, designing databases or doing presentations, well, rather than fork out over £300 to upgrade my Microsoft Office, I downloaded an 85Mb file for free and got something virtually as good. In fact, try playing "spot the difference" :-)

So here's some links to be going on with ................

Get Firefox!   the best browser there is. And not a Microsoft logo in sight! Download
 Use OpenOffice.org   a full 'office' suite of programs which not only opens Microsoft Word (etc) documents but it can save documents in Word format too. Suitable for both PC and Mac users Download
openoffice for the Mac   and similar, but enhanced, so they say, for the Mac Download

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