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Open-source software

Things are changing !
The time has come for Open Source Software

We've all heard of Microsoft, we may even have heard of Adobe and there are thousands of other companies busily developing software that we simply cannot do without and will happily spend hundreds of our our hard-earned pounds/dollars/intergalactic credits/whatever just so we can use it for a year or so before we have to spend another significant number of our pounds/dollars/etc to upgrade it. And all so we have the latest wiz-bang facility

So what is it? Basically its a fully functional, well tested and trustworthy bunch of programs written and maintained by a host of dedicated amateurs for the benefit of us all. There's no big business involved and its all done with very little money and no advertising budget. There's an article about it on Wikipedia which gives you more details

Please do NOT confuse it with the dodgy and illegal offerings of cheap software that you get by the thousand on spam emails - open-source is FREE so there's no Delboy or Rodney trying to nick your hard earned cash

And Wikipedia? Well, that's a sort of open source encyclopedia which anyone can add to or change and currently contains the collected thoughts and definitions for over half-a-million things from aardvark to zebra and tripe to tahiti

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