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So, what are are we about?

Well, we are (quite obvious really) Stuart and Darryl. bacon and eggs cooking over a camp fireWe split our lives between the UK and Spain. When in the UK we live in a small village about 5 miles from Wigan which, if you've no idea where it is, is about 20 miles west of Manchester and halfway between there and Liverpool. Still none the wiser? Well it's in the north-west of England and about 20 miles from the coast.

Wigan is more famous for it's Pier (of George Orwell fame) and Pies, which we are all supposed to eat endlessly, and don't. These days it is also famous for it's Premier League football team and top-flight Rugby League team.

When in Spain we live in a small village of about 40 houses near the town of Albox in Almería which is the bottom right-hand corner as you look at a map of Spain. We spend about half our year in the warmth and sunshine and the other half in the 'whatever the weather decides to throw at you' climate of England. It's a happy blend.

Stuart spent most of his working life in 'IT' but is now partially retired (the rest of the time he still runs his small web design business - magentasteel.com) and Darryl did contract work in retail optical and optometry.

Our main interests seem to revolve around computers, Darryl loves building and rebuilding computers and is never happy with the specification of the machine he is using - no matter what it is! There is always something else to add or some setting to tweak. Whereas Stuart is definitely more interested in the software and 'what it does' side of things - and keeping our little network running so all the computers around the house and office, which currently number 7, can talk to each other and to the internet, including linking the two houses via the internet (via a VPN, if you're interested!) so we can operate equally from both. And, for the record, some of the time it even works!

We are also interested in music and have eclectic and differing tastes. Right now, whilst composing this page, we are listening to Lady Gaga but 10 minutes ago it was Erasure.

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