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Christmas 2015/New Year 2016
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As usual we headed for Spain as Christmas was approaching. We spent the day itself at home, just the two of us and a leg of lamb! For New Year we went to see how they do it in Granada and my how they do it - we had a wonderful time as you can see below
A few days after we arrived we took our usual trip to the coast and once again to Mojacar. In the summer it is very busy but at this time of year, as you can see, wonderfully peaceful. You may have seen this view before but it's one we never tire of - sitting by the log fire as warm as toast. And for New Year in Granada we went for a walk into the old town at the foot of the Alhambra at the side of the crystal clear waters of the Darro. Looking upstream …
… and downstream . And here is the view up from the river to the Alhambra high above. You may also notice that we were joined on our sightseeing by a Minion; they get everywhere. The old town is criss-crossed with very narrow streets, many not wide enough even for a small car so we were a bit amused to see a bus stop sign on one - they have special narrow buses which look as though they may be specially built for the city.
In one of the main squares reside the Three Kings to whom Spanish children write their wish lists for their presents. They decide upon their favourite and each has his own post box! The glittering fountains, though there all year round, add a certain something to the festive decorations. As with most places these days corporate sponsorship is king but Alhambra beer have done a good job with this one; quite spectacular.
So much so we just had to take a selfie! Another fountain; another square. Just up from the hotel and just off the main shopping street
And this is the street on which our hotel was situated, quite grand on the outside but actually very disappointing in. On New Yera's Eve we made our way to the big square at the front of the Town Hall The queue here is for the free goody-bags that are given away containing your party hat, grapes, streamers and so on. We didn't bother! The front of the Town Hall and the all-important clock. There was also a large TV screen showing views of the area interspersed with the ever present corporate sponsor's messages.
The crowd starts to build … … until as we approached midnight it was getting quite 'cosy'. But the atmosphere was friendly and at no time did it get oppressive. And, as midnight struck and we all toasted in the New Year, the fireworks started. Not on the scale of a London or Sydney display but brilliantly done and full of ooohh's and aaahhh's.
After the fireworks, we turned round 180 degrees and, what had been behind us, came to life. The stage and the 'turn'!
And another selfie before we returned to our hotel.
As we were returning to the UK in the car the last few days we were in Spain were taken up with the drive from South East to North West stopping off in Madrid for a night on the way. These next few pictures are from the bedroom of our hotel in Santander where we spent the night before the ferry sailing back to Portsmouth.
This is the Ferry Terminal which we could also see from our room - so very handy for next day. … and a wonderful 'rain' shower in which we spent far too much time.
In the park outside was a double-decker fairground ride. I looked like a permanent fixture but on a cold and wet January night there were few customers. So the following day we set sail across the Bay of Biscay. The sea there was quite a bit choppier than here in the harbour.

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Granada New Year
Granada New Year Fireworks
Santander hotel room view

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