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Real life in Saliente, May 2009
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The house is nearly ready and we planned to stay in Spain for the whole of May 2009. We'd taken the car back to the UK on our last trip so, on the return journey, we filled it to the top with goodies such as computers and white goods, which are very expensive in Spain especially now the pound is worth so little. And once we'd done the little bit of decorating that was left and bought some bits of furniture for the house, we can thought we'd be able to relax.
Well, being Spain, we decided the relaxing should come first and we had a great time doing it! We did manage to get a new bed for our room and a new dining suite. What had been our bed became the bed for the second guest room (aka the Study) and, once we'd decorated that, we could sit back and just wait for our family to appear on our next visit in July when we will have a house full.
So that's it. more or less, the house is finished, fully decorated and furnished. Apart from our next plan, of course, which is to demolish the old main bathroom and rebuild it to better building standards and better quality fittings. But that's for Autumn 2009 of which more later I'm sure.
So here's some photos of what we were up to.
As we were taking the car back, we decided to take the Plymouth to Santander ferry. This is Plymouth, with the Ho in the centre with the lighthouse, as we left portIt was glorious weather and the sun decks were fully occupied almost before we'd set sail. When we got to Spain the next morning we were too busy to take photos so that's all there is of the journeyGlorious weather demands a visit to the sea so we did. This is Mojacar Playa and, as you can see, it was hardly packed out as it would have been in the season
And Gill and Stuart went for a swim. The water was quite warm.And these rocks were our dinner table. Gill had brought a picnic so we spread it out on the beach and, with a few beers, tucked in to it.As you can see, the sea the fabulous
So much so, we spent about ages just swimming and splashing aboutThis is a wider angle shot than the one above, just to show how quiet it was.Just like a beach should be
Before we got to Saliente, our bit of Spain had had an unusual amount of rain so the valley was so much more green than usual.Andy & Amanada, plus daughtger's at a bbq they did for usThe was just soooo much food - even Stuart couldn't finish it!
Ailsa, next door dog in chief, on duty at the front of our houseOur roses were putting on a good display for usand the view down the valley was quite luxurious; most unexpected
This is Maddy, our neighbours other dog, who is a bit boisterous and has to be chained up most of the time unfortunatelyAlso at Denise & Stewart's is Catty and her 5 kittens which we looked after for a while whilst D & S went back to Scotland for a family weddingNot exactly hard work, kitten sitting, unless you happen to be their mum - here is Catty keeping her eye on her offspring
And D&S's other cat, Muzzie, looking rather superior here but usually looking harassed by the kittens!Kitten playtimeSo what's in here then
Mum and Muzzie relax whilst we entertained the kittens elsewherePlaying rough and tumble on the front door matA few days later we went for a meal and drinks at Pete and Sue's. They have a pool exactly like ours except it is kept within a fly-proof cage.
We were impressed by the cage ...... as you could sit in the sun, admire the scenery and be totally free of those annoying midges and fliesMaybe we need to include one in our planning for our house
  Not many of us took advantage of the pool, the others were too interested in the food and drink and conversation
This is (clockwise from top left) Pete, Penny, Sue, Darryl and Gill. I've no idea where John and William were.Sue and PennyGill having a swim, and Darryl about to dive in
and now he has!So, just to prove that Darryl does go swimmingA bit later, with the light fading we started on the whisky tasting which was the 'excuse' for the party in the first place
 What a great way to finish a party! 

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