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Updating our Spanish House, June - September 2007
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And so, in June 2007, we took what we describe as our first proper holiday to our new house.. It was still a work in progress but it had everything we needed to stay there and be comfortable without being forced to do any work if we didn't want to. In practice, of course, it meant that we spent some time shopping and tootling round markets and the like looking for useful items and nick-knacks. We also met with the builder to start some of the outside work that needs doing - such as finishing off the surrounds of the pool. And we finally got some decent Spanish weather - 35° in the shade, superb!
When we next went, in September, most of the surround was finished ready but, unfortunately, not the concrete surround. That was being laid in early October so will be there for us next time.
The new en suite was ready for us and we hadn't seen it since it was a building site, so we were very eager to see it. And we weren't disappointed. The builder wasn't the only that thought we were crazy to spend over 25€ per m² on tiles. In fact he found it hard to believe that you could spend that much on tiles in Spain. But they do look good! And the luxury of a walk-in shower with an enormous shower tray.
And the other extravagance, the pool. Here, Darryl, without his glasses, wasn't quite sure what I was doing So he swum towards me And found out.
I had the camera trained on him!
The day we arrived on our September visit, the weather closed in and we lost sight of the top of 'our' mountain But the sun arrived later.
This was the sight down the side of the house toward the latest building work
And when we reached the bottom of the slope we could see that Andy, our builder, had made a good job of protecting the house foundations with a concrete run for the water coming off the roof and land to the rear.
As you can see, the concrete round the pool is yet to be done but it gives some idea of what it will look like eventually And looking right to left across the pool And now left to right and across the valley
This view is taken at the back of the house, looking across the top of the pool toward the valley As you can see, it is still a work in progress, but this gives some idea of what the view will be like from the area that is going to eventually be the garden .... .... and back to the house.
At the back of the house the original foundations had been exposed by the excavations of the previous owner, so we had them concreted which also provides a run off for the water from the back of the house and the roof And this is the caseta where we keep the gas bottle for the cooker and can store all the barbeque implements when we get it built And just to prove it got used, here are Darryl and his mum and dad in the pool
The concrete around the pool is being laid here And then all that's left is the gravel round the edge and a tidying up the edges And in case you were wondering, this is what the finish looks like close up.

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