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Manchester Pride 2015
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The Silver Jubilee, 25 years since the first Manchester Pride, though it wasn't called that in those days. It had various names in the early days, Mardi Gras was one of them, but fairly early on the parade through the streets of Manchester became one of the tourist 'must sees' of the year. Every year it seems there are more floats and participants and this year I believe there were over 120 participating companies and organisations - I do know that it took just short of 2 hours for them all to pass the spot on the route that I was stood. And these days some of the big nationals are falling over themselves to be come with the largest float!
Here are some of the photos I took of the day from the Grand Marshall, Sir Ian McKellen, to the less well known but equally as important participants. Whilst it is an event for which Manchester is rightly proud, and one which always brings tears of joy to my eye when I see how far we've come with acceptance and tolerance in those 25 years, we must also never forget that whilst we celebrated there were 79 countries elsewhere in the world where it is illegal to be gay and in five of those the penalty is death. A sobering thought.

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