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John's Retirement, 4th July 2012
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This was a day that was almost as eagerly anticipated by the rest of us as it was by John and, for his Jubilación, which is Retirement in Spanish and what a wonderful word for it, he'd invited a few friends to have drinks and tapas with him and Penny at the bar in their village. A few friends to John is about 50 as he is quite rightly a very popular bloke. They live about an hour from our place in Spain and in a typical Spanish village with a typical Spanish bar which took over the sqaure outside with tables and chairs. Although mainly British people there, there were a number of locals too. And the food and tapas was extended to them, as you do in such places. The drinks flowed freely all night and the next tapas arrived well before the previous one had been finished. Some wonderful food. And an altogether brilliant evening.
The man himselfAnd his much better halfChatting
Last seen on CrimeStoppers, though he got off on a technicality, this is the man showing off his romensque features. And this is his much better half. Just one corner of the large set of tables and John is talking with Sue & Pete and William. The beer had started to flow, as you can see, and didn't stop all night.
One side of the tableNatteringJohn and Roque
The table was arranged in a large U shape with, naturally, John at the head we were sat on the corner table and this is a view of the folks down that side. The red coloured liquid in the jug is Tinto de Verano (red wine of summer) which is a lovely refreshing drink. This is Sue, doing what Sue does best - having a right good natter! This is John (centre) and Roque, the bar owner, discussing the food and drink of which there was loads to be had.
Pen & Sue survey the crowdFrom the other sideSome guests still to arrive
Penny & Sue are surveying the assembled friends. It actually looks quite formal, arranged as it is, but nothing could have been further from the truth. This is to give you an idea of the square we were in - not very big and traffic still had to get past us. Slowly. As in all the best parties in Spain, guests continued to arrive for hours. There's never any worry that the food and drink will run out!
Penny draining a glass
I promised Penny I wouldn't put this one on here. She insists she was getting a fly our of her drink.
The best man's speechThe Pensioner respondsAn uninvited guest
The best man's speech. Well actually Pete, one of John's best friends, making us all laugh with some anecdotes like any best man would. The pensioner's response. There were three uninvited guests, all feline, and all shared in the food thanks to us throwing some for them.

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