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Airkix Bodyflight
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For my birthday present this year Darryl gave me a voucher for two flights in the Airkix Skydiving simulator. Always a dream of mine, jumping out of an aircraft and flying to earth, but one which was ruled out by my big back operation back in 2000. So the thought of skydiving yet remaining only a few feet from the ground and no hard landings was appealing. Two flights of two minutes doesn't sound a lot but it's the equivalent of six 12,000ft real sky dives!
You'll also find a video on YouTube here, another here and a third here.
This is the view of the vertical wind tunnel before we started. At the far side is the control desk where they constantly monitor the wind speed. This fetching outfit is provided as part of the cost. Once in the air lock, we awaited our turn.
Ben, the instructor, was fantastic - that's him standing in the air flow as if it weren't there and holding on to me I started to get the idea with, as you can see by the clock, only 20 seconds to go. But this was flight number 1. And by my second flight I was needing to be held less and less.
And by the third flight, I was turning and getting the hang of steering. Oh, yes, third flight - I enjoyed it so much I paid the few quid extra for another 1 minute flight. And this is professional photo that came with the package. Looks easy! And within 10 minutes of this, I'd booked another two two-minute flights for few week's time.

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